Dinner date

The LCBO's got a hotline for those in search of sumptuous singles.


advertiser: LCBO
agency: GJP Advertising & Design
CD: Lisa Greenberg
copywriters: Lino DiNallo, Craig Burt
account services: Hannah Riding, Sarah Hayden
agency producer: Allana Lytle
production: Pirate Radio
director: Tom Goudie
producer: Tyna Maerzke

Are you annoyed with buying beer in bulk? Sick of six packs? Tired of two-fours? Well, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario has just the thing – single bottles and cans of beer. To help promote its list of eligible singles, the LCBO had Toronto-based GJP Advertising & Design develop this radio spot, one of three that depicts people calling into the Holiday Singles Dateline to find the perfect partner, brewed to fit their unique needs and wants. We agree, there’s no better dinner date that an ice cold beer.