Lighting's evolved. Hydro Quebec thinks that you should too.


advertiser: Hydro-Quebec
executive CD: Stephane Charier
associate CD: Patrick Chaubet
AD: Nicolas Thiboutot
copywriter: Martin Charron
agency planner: Simon Painchaud
account director: Marie-Helene Rivard, Jani Lacoste
account manager: Ingrid Roussel
TV agency producer: Émilie-Trudeau-Rabinowicz
prodco: Les Enfants
director: Benjamin Steiger Levine
video post facility/editing company: Mokko Studio
music producer/sound design: Apollo
agency print producer: Sophie Carrieres
photographer: Jean-Francois Gratton, Shoot Studio
mac artist: Laurent Trudel
interactve producer: Andrea Schumeth
interactive programming/production: Hue Web Studio

Taxi Montreal developed this campaign on behalf of Hydro Quebec to show that lighting has evolved over the years – they have morphed from lowly light fixtures, to energy effecient Energy Star light fixtures. Rather than being stuck in the sub-standard, un-energy efficient light ages, Hydro Quebec believes that people should also take an evolutionary step forward and adopt these new light fixtures in order to conserve energy and reduce their electricity bills. After figuring out what an electric-powered light is and how it works, we think Darwin would agree.