Moosehead wants to help you discover a new part of your psyche.


advertiser: Moosehead Breweries
agency: john st.
CDs: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
associate CD/copywriter: Chris Hirsch
associate CD/AD: Nellie Kim
agency executive producer: Michelle Orlando
account service: Ian Brooks, Mark Graham, Andrew Godfrey
director: Ric Cantor
prodco: Circle Productions
prodco executive producer: Michel Korchinsky
line producer: Geoff McLean
editor: Griff Henderson (Poster Boy)
audio House: Vapor
web production: One Method
interactive producer: Carrie Weston
post production: Topix
producer: Cathy Jefferies
VFX supervisor & senior inferno artist: Marco Polsinelli
matte painting: Andrew Nguyen

Moosehead claims they’ve discovered a new part of the human psyche: the outer-self. It’s the part of you that yearns for the great outdoors. There are modern-day advancements that stand in the way of you becoming one with your outer-self, things like ergonomic seating, which threaten to keep you as far away from it as possible. As this spot, developed by Toronto-based John St. shows, Moosehead is here to help. Beer truly can do anything.