I like gooooold!

Science World exhibits a golden touch.


advertiser: Science World
agency: Rethink, Vancouver
CDs: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
copywriter: Rob Tarry
AD: Carson Ting
account manager: Jennifer Newsted
producer: Jim Leith
gilder: Brian Dedora
apprentice gilder: Jonathan Syme
billboard construction: True Colours, Dyna Graphics

Science World in Vancouver likes to put its money where its mouth is. To dramatize the scientific fact that 20 ounces of gold can be pounded so thin it covers more than 200 square feet, they had Vancouver-based Rethink develop a billboard for them completely wrapped in 22-karat gold. It’s all part of Science World’s summer exhibit ‘Treasure!’ Unlike most treasure…or at least the treasure in Indiana Jones movies…this one does not come with booby traps. It does however, come with its own security guard.