Gold record…player

Grey and GGRP make beautiful music in Cannes.


advertiser: Griffiths, Gibson & Ramsay Productions
agency: Grey Canada, Vancouver
associate CD/copywriter: Geoff Dawson
AD: Andrew McKinley
production manager: Dennis Isaacson
account director: Genevieve Louden
sound design, recording studio: Meg Griffiths, GGRP
production: Rick Selinger, Dyna Graphics
president: David Read, Vinyl Guru

Chalk one up to the benefits of recycling. Grey Canada’s Vancouver office developed this unique direct mail execution to promote Vancouver-based sound design house Griffiths, Gibson & Ramsay Productions. It’s a portable record player made from cardboard that plays 45′ vinyl. You spin the record with a pencil and as the vibrations go through the needle, they are naturally amplified by the cardboard material. Um, apparently Grey and GGRP outsourced the project to MacGyver because that’s pretty damn inventive. Check out this promo vid to see it in action. The judges at Cannes liked the sound of this direct piece. They gave it a Gold Lion.