Smarten up

Telus wants people to get smart about smartphones.


advertiser: Telus
agency: Taxi
CD: Alexandre Gadoua
ADs: Natalie Armata, Remi Paquet
copywriters: Marta Zakrzewska, Simon Guimaraes
account team: Nathalie Leduc, Tyler Brown, Sebastien Bergeron, Emilie Meunier
post production: Topix
VFX supervisor/inferno artist: Marco Polsinelli
design & graphics: Matt Dochstader
3D animation: Kim Leow
producer: Cathy Jefferies

No doubt that Telus is hoping to make a splash by enlisting the dolphin, one of nature’s smartest creatures, to launch its latest line of devices and help people smarten up by upgrading their smartphone experience. This ad, developed by Taxi, shows the telco’s new mascot considering what looks to be complicated equations, which are, in fact, all made up of telco-related acronyms. The dolphin, of course, sports the trademark Telus grin at the end of the spot probably because he knows that if the equations were normal math symbols, he’d still be better at them than us.