Take a look

Amnesty International wants you to watch.


advertiser: Amnesty International
agency: Agency59
agency producer: Bob Kirk
CCO/copywriter: Brian Howlett
CD/AD: Andrew Gillingham
prodco: Holiday Films
executive producers: Derek Sewell, Josefina Nadurata
director/DOP: Henry Less
producer: Angela Donald, Andre Fitsialos
PM: Sarah Jackson
music/sound: RMW, Producer Steve Mackinnon, engineer Vlad Nicolic
editorial: Blue Highway
editor: Ralph Floro
exec producer: Leo Zaharatos
post: Juggernaut
online editor: James Hawkins
exec producer: Patrick Fay
transfer: Notch
colourist: Jason Zukowski
actors: Cyrus Faird, Joshua Ferreira, Ramzi Ayash, Ulysses Castella Nos

This spot developed by Toronto-based Agency59 for Amnesty International shows a man having a really, really bad day that’s about to get a lot worse…until the guys with the guns realize that you’re watching. And therein lies Amnesty’s message. When people are watching, the violence stops.