Chuck and Vince II

The boys from Solid Waste Management are back and now they want recycling.


advertiser: City of Toronto
agency: Publicis, Toronto
executive CD: Duncan Bruce
CD/writer: Pat Pirisi
AD: Kenneth Fothergill
director: Pat Pirisi
DP: Simon Shohet
editor: Dave De Carlo, Rooster
music: Vania Drakul, Pirate
illustrator: Ken Fothergill
photographer: Simon Shohet

Chuck and Vince are back again, and this time they’ve come for your recycling. Developed by Publicis Toronto for the City of Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services Division, it lets people -particularly people who live in condos because they have a low recycling rates compared to houses – know that recyclables belongs in recycling. It also shows you other creative uses for a pie plate.