Value the invaluable

Move over Steve Nash, Ontario nurses are the real MVPs.


advertiser: Ontario Nurses’ Association
agency: Doug & Serge
CCO: Doug Robinson
CD/AD: Ian Schwey
ACD/copywriter: Jason Buback
business manager: Rachael Goodman
editing: Chris Murphy, Relish

This video and the accompanying OOH ad are part of a campaign, developed by Toronto-based Doug & Serge, for The Ontario Nurses’ Association. It shows that as much as we place high value on professional athletes, it’s registered nurses who are truly MVPs thanks to their priceless health care skills, leadership and knowledge. The vid shows nurses attending the ONA’s recent Biennial Convention earlier this month, getting a taste of what it’s like to be as celebrated as sports stars. After all, athletes aren’t curing cancer. Perhaps the hero worship should be reserved for those who help that process along day-in day-out.