Slammin’ salmon

BC salmon farmers drop some knowledge.


advertiser: BC Salmon Farmers Association
agency: DDB Canada
CDs: Cosmo Campbell/ Dean Lee
copywriter: Neil Shapiro
AD: Cosmo Campbell
agency producer: Sue Bell
account director: Patty Jones
account coordinator: Maria-Carmen Abesamis
film company: Untitled Films
director: Curtis Wehrfritz
DoP: John Houtman
line producer: Jennifer Walker
post-production co: Cycle Media
editor: Matthew Griffiths
colourist: Claudio Sepulueda, technicolor
stock/ casting: Sean Milliken
audio company: GGRP
audio house producer: Peter Clark
audio house engineer: James Spooner

The BC Salmon Farmers Association is tired of everyone believing myths about salmon farming. So, they enlisted DDB Canada to help them debunk some of them (via print and online), and in this TV spot point out that we probably shouldn’t believe everything we hear (like fishy emails from mysterious international benefactors), the way people do about salmon farming.