Breakdancing toaster

Olymel's products sure know how to move.


advertiser: Olymel/Flamingo
agency: Bleublancrouge
creative team: Sébastien Maheux, Jean-Fran├žois Leblanc
agency producer: Dominique Dufour
production company: La Cavalerie
director: Christian Laurence
production house: Frame
CG supervisor: Sebastien Tessier
producer (Frame): Claude Dupuis
concept art: Daniel Boulanger
modeling & texture: Maxime Gagnon
animation: Maxime Gagnon
lighting & rendering: Sebastien Tessier, Jeremiah Hamilton
compositing: Jean-Fran├žois Ferland, Luc Julien

This spot for Olymel’s Flamingo brand of chicken, created by Montreal-based Bleublancrouge, features a 3D animation breakdancing toaster conceived by production house Frame. It was quite the process to put the whole thing together, involving animatics (a video skeleton of the storyboard, synchronized to a soundtrack). Oh, the things we do these days to capture kids’ attention.