Lucky dog

Fallsview Casino has gone to the dogs.


advertiser: Fallsview Casino Resort
agency: Blammo Worldwide
CCO: Andrew Simon
copywriter: Craig Burt
ADs: Jesse Senko, Chris Duchaine
agency producer: Allana Lytle
account: Joyce Ho, Dan Giusti, Hillary Poste
prodco: Holiday Films
director: Steven Tsuchida
exec. producer: Derek Sewell
line producer: Chris Palladino
DoP: James Gardner
editorial: Posterboy
edit editor: Griff Henderson
online: Crush
online artist: Julia Deakin
sound design: Chris Tait, Pirate
transfer: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego

Apparently we’ve been missing out by not going to Fallsview Casino. Joe Guy in this ad, developed by Blammo Worldwide, did and his luck has clearly held over. With a little help from a trusty canine friend, he’s having one heckuva day at the park. We’d be just as speechless.