Silver bullet train

All aboard for the Coors Light Silver Bullet Express.


advertiser: Coors Light
agency: Draftfcb
media: MEC
media partner: The Score
program partner: Via Rail

Some people have all the luck. And currently some of them are getting ready to embark on a three day trip through the Rocky Mountains care of the Coors Light Silver Bullet Express. Oh, and it’s not just a normal train. No, it’s only the coolest locomotive ever. Partnering with Via Rail, Coors gutted a train and turned it into a party on tracks. Each car has its own experience, featuring music, sports and games. And if that weren’t enough, throughout the trip the Express will be stopping at a few locations for massive parties. Sounds terrible. The Silver Bullet Express campaign was developed with the help of Draftfcb, MEC and The Score.