Lights on

Jackson-Triggs has a wine for that.

In this spot for Jackson-Triggs wines by Bensimon Byrne the viewer is shown a variety of situations: a lightning strike, a movie projector, a birthday candle being lit… The ad features the tagline “We’ve got a wine for that.” In each and every case there’s a light being lit, so sticking with that theme, we’ll say that a glass of wine is always, on every occasion, an illuminating idea.

advertiser: Jackson-Triggs
agency: Bensimon Byrne
ACD/AD: Chris Harrison
ACD/writer: Hayes Steinberg
agency producer: Michelle Pilling
account director: Wendy Doan
group account director: James Grant
offline editor: Lauren Horn, School Editing
online editor: Paul Binney, School Editing
director: Robert Logevall
prodco: Imported Artists
transfer: Wade, Alter Ego
music track – lights: “Threads” by We will Destroy you
audio: Vapor Music