DIY holiday sale

Zellers presents a message from its executive managing director.

With its latest ad, care of Toronto-based John St., Zellers is getting straight to the point with a message from its “executive managing director”: with Target’s impending arrival resulting in the closure of several Zellers locations, the retailer has decided to shape the story of its transition. As a result it’s letting customers run its last holiday campaign. Using Facebook, they will be able to determine everything from sale prices of merchandise to picking the in-store music playlist and recording and uploading their own Zellers spots. This could go very well. COULD go very well. We’re excited to see the results.


advertiser: Zellers
agency: John St.
CDs: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
writer: Keri Zierler
AD: Hannah Smit
producer: Cas Binnington
account service: Heather Crawley, Jared Applebaum, Joelle Woodruff
online production/design: AmoebaCorp.
prodco: Hard Citizen
exec producer: Jacinte Faria, Eva Preger, Link York
line producer: Chris Boddy
director: The Perlorian Brothers
editing/online house: School
editor: Brian Wells
assistant editor: Mark Lutterman
flame artist: Paul Binney
transfer house: COLR
colourist: Joe Wenkoff
audio facility: Vapour Music
casting house: Jigsaw
casting: Shasta Lutz