Keeps ‘em going

Milk makes soccer balls happy.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada’s Elementary School Milk Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Ontario this year. The program allows parents to pre-order milk so it’s delivered to their kids every day at lunch. To promote the anniversary, Toronto-based Due North Communications has produced this print ad, which says “Milk. Really Keeps Kids Going.” Soccer balls are big fans of this program, it would appear. Personally we wouldn’t want to have a job that involves being kicked in the face by hundreds of energetic kids day in, day out, but hey, whatever floats your boat.


advertiser: Dairy Farmers of Canada
agency: Due North Communications
SVP CD: Karen Howe
AD: Yilma Campbell
writer: Sarah Watton
photographer: Instil Productions, Philip Rostron
account director: John Pace
account supervisor: Terra Malette