Videotron will sabotage your film shoot.

What the actors on the set of the movie being shot in this commercial don’t initially realize is their film is doomed to never make it into theatres. The ad, created by Sid Lee, aims to reinforce Videotron’s “satisfaction guaranteed” promise. When a concerned citizen shows up during the shoot to point out that Videotron’s movie selection already rocks viewers’ socks off, that’s when the crushing weight of realization sets in on the movie’s cast and crew, and they acknowledge that there’s probably no point in making there movie. That’s ok. Hollywood’s full of too much trash these days anyway. Or maybe we’re just film snobs? No, no trash it is. Right?

advertiser: Vidéotron
agency: Sid Lee
production: TVA Accès
animation & postproduction: FLY
sound postproduction: Boogie
director : Eno
editor : Paul Jutras
DoP: David Franco


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