Richness is

Scotiabank has a plan.

Scotiabank has unveiled a new national brand campaign expanding on its “You’re richer than you think” platform. Developed by Toronto-based Bensimon Byrne it focuses on the ways in which Canadians define richness. Scotiabank just helps with the money part. The above ad touts a five-year money management plan Scotiabank offers to customers. It focuses on a couple with a new born baby. The father voices that he’s concerned with making the right decision in raising the child while the tagline reads “Richness is a 7 pound 4 ounce fresh perspective.” We’re sure he’ll have another fresh perspective on richness when his child reaches the teenage years.


advertiser: Scotiabank
agency: Bensimon Byrne
CCO: David Rosenberg
CD: Joseph Bonnici
ACDs: Hayes Steinberg, Chris Harrison
account supervisor: Natalie Doddridge
account supervisor: Sara Myers
account director: Jessica Mills
VP group account director: Sandi Truffen
producers: Christine Pacheco, Michelle Pilling
director: Yael Staav