Wiener News Network

Maple Leaf creates its own media frenzy.
wiener news network

When Maple Leaf Foods changed its hot dog recipe in 2010, Atlantic Canadians got upset, calling for a return to the original taste. Maple Leaf heard the feedback loud and clear, and has now launched Larsen “Classic Taste” Wieners in Atlantic Canada. Not content with simply sending out a press release, Maple Leaf has unveiled an entire news network focused on the summer BBQ treat, developed by St John’s-based Target Marketing & Communications. It’s all wiener news, all the time.


advertiser: Maple Leaf
agency: Target Marketing & Communications
CD: Tom Murphy
creative group head: Jenny Smith
copywriters: Sarah Park, Graham North, Alyssa Free
AD: Dax Fullbrook
director: Justin Simms
editor:   Adam Stephens
agency producer: Yvonne Fowler
account director: Laurelyn Berry
account manager: Natalie Fleming
account executive: Bronwyn Cass