Cheesy memories

Zellers hams it up to say goodbye.
12 04 18 zellers

We racked our brain for our earliest memory of Zellers, but all we came up with was  Zeddy, the brown stuffed teddy bear mascot. But don’t worry, as the brand prepares to shutter its doors, Zellers is helping Canadians remember their fondest memories of the store via dramatic recreations. With creative from John St., the videos star Kent Sheridan, executive managing director, Zellers, in all the roles, aided by white mannequins when a second body is required. It’s purposefully cheesy, tacky and low budget, but also makes for a surprisingly sweet send-off. We almost wish someone had proposed to us in a Zellers. Almost.


advertiser: Zellers
agency: John St.
CD: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
copywriter: Keri Zierler
AD: Hannah Smit
producer: Cas Binnington
account service: Heather Crawley, Katie Bardyn, Joelle Woodruff, Ben Prout
online production/design: AmoebaCorp.
production company: Hard Citizen
exec producer: Eva Preger, Link York
head of sales: Ashley Monaghan
line producer: Niva Chow
director: Graydon Sheppard
editing/online house: Relish
executive producer Relish: Kate Bate/Sally Leggett
editor: Chris Murphy
assistant editor: Laura Dunn/Erin Gulas
transfer: 567vfx
executive producer 567vfx: Lucy O’Neill
colourist: Andrew Exworth
design: 567vfx
title designer: Joshua Michie
coordinator 567vfx: Gerard Goco
audio facility: Vapor Music