Mouth-watering radio

NYF takes to the airwaves to promote new poutine.


While radio might not be the greatest medium to promote delicious looking food, New York Fries and Juniper Park tapped a familiar voice to describe the new pulled pork poutine offerings (click here and here). The voice belongs to Gordon Pinsent, and it could just be our hungry stomachs talking, but the commercials really did sound delicious.


advertiser: New York Fries Pulled Pork Radio
EDC/partner: Alan Madill, Terry Drummond, Barry Quinn
AD: Colin Brown (ACD)
copywriter: Tom Greco (ACD)
producer: Anne Marie Martignago
audio house: Eggplant
audio house producer: Rocco Gagliese
engineer: Brandon Unis
talent: Gordon Pinsent
account director: Melanie Yuen, Jessica Lax
account executive: Amy Greenspoon,  Deniz Melen
business manager: Ana Miric
media agency: Media Experts
media planner: Gabriel McCrae