Roller coaster

Ontario Savings Bonds promise a smooth ride.
12 06 12 ontario savings bond

These are turbulent economic times, and in this new spot for Ontario Savings Bonds by Agency59, the Ministry of Finance wants to emphasize how safe savings bonds can be. The main man in the video sits calmly by as the roller coaster loops and drops – looking almost bored. When he gets to the slow bit of the ride, he perks up and suddenly is having the time of his life. Get it? The “boring” part of the roller coaster is actually the best part. The “boring” part of finance (saving) is actually the best part!


advertiser: Ministry of Finance, Ontario Savings Bonds
agency: Agency59
CCO/CW: Brian Howlett
CD/AD: Andrew Gillingham
agency producer: Bob Kirk
account director: Kathryn Long
account executives: Vinay Mathur, Mitchell Stratton
production company: Sons and Daughters
director: David Tennant
producer: Rob allan
director of photography: Adam Marsden
editor: Andy Ames, Panic&Bob
music/audio: Chris Tait, Pirate