Photo ready

Taxi Montreal and Instagramers create 87 movie posters.

Talk about a walk to remember! To promote the new film J’espère que tu vas bien – an improvised single-sequence 87-minute journey through the streets of Montreal – Taxi teamed up with the movie’s directors David La Haye and Jay Tremblay and Instagramers Montreal to create 87 posters. Taking inspiration from the movie, photographers from the community participated in an 87-minute photowalk, taking the same route used in the film. Participants captured over 600 shots of Montreal and Montrealers, who are themselves the movie’s third character. Remind us to hang out in Montreal more often, we look really good through X-pro II and Lo-fi Instagram filters.

Client: David La Haye
Advertising Agency: Taxi Montréal
Executive Creative Director: Dominique Trudeau
Designer: Isabelle Côté
Copywriter: Martin Charron
Art Director: Nicolas Rivard
Photographer: Instagramer Montréal
Agency Producer: Jacques Latreille
Studio Head: Laurent Trudel
Editor: Minh Tran
Coordinator: Anne Gouin