Rugged high fashion

Smythe brings runway to the chopping block.

Nothing says Canadiana like chopping wood, gutting fish, plaid jackets and a tutu. These new spots for Canadian jacket brand Smythe, by Toronto-based Open, blend high fashion and functionality. In the first video, a model melodramatically chops up some food, flashing her four inch heels (wouldn’t they sink in the dirt?), tutu and plaid jacket, while the second video features a model sensually gutting fish. Our only real niggle about these vids (squeamishness aside) is isn’t it a bit dangerous to wield an axe in the dark?


Adverstiser: Smythe
Co-Designers: Andrea Lenczner & Christie Smythe
Agency: Open
Partner Creative: Martin Beauvais
Partner Strategy: Christian Mathieu
Agency Producer: Anne Ngo
Writer: Claire deMarco
Art Director: Jessica Carter
Production Company: Sons & Daughters, Toronto
Director: Christina Hodnet
Executive Producer: Liane Thomas
Director of Photography: Mark Zibert
Producer: Jeff Darragh
Production Designer: Luke Pryshlak
Wardrobe: Deborah Ferguson
Editorial: PosterBoy Edit
Editor: Danica Pardo
Producer: Michelle Lee
Colour Company: Notch
Colourist: Bill Ferwerda
VFX Company: Crush
VFX Artist: Andre Arevelo
VFX Producer: Emma Wojick
Music and Sound Design: Apollo Studios, Toronto
Music on Smythe 1: Yan Dal Santo for Apollo Studios
Music on Smythe 2: Mathieu Lafontaine for Apollo Studios