Merry fish

Maynards' Swedish holiday wall.

Despite being hung (most likely over the fireplace with care) and forced to put on a show, these Maynards Swedish Fish, by The Hive, seem to be having a jolly good time. Each fish muses about random things in Swedish accents, while Christmas music plays in the background. Some offer deep philosophical questions (Snowball fight? How does a snowball fight without hands or feet? ), to the practical (snow forts are awesome because you don’t pay rent, don’t have to cut the grass and can build yourself new windows at any time), to the “we’ve all been there,” (loonies do look like chocolate covered coins at times).


Advertiser: Mondelez (Maynards)
Agency: The Hive
Chief creative officer: Simon Creet
ACDs: Brad Van Schaik, Klint Davies
Illustrator: Matthieu Roussel
Sound design: Silent Joe
Producer: Sumit Ajwani
Developer: Gar Liu, Andrew Giles