Sugar Bear Bot

Sugar Crisp's mascot leaps into the tech age.

sugar crispRemember Sugar Crisp’s jingle? You probably heard it during your morning cartoons. If not, check out a couple of reminders below (and relish the “good ol’ days”). Well, Sugar Crisp and Bear are back, with a techy-twist. The brand is launching a social contest, from Noise Digital, on Monday, Oct. 7. Canadians are invited to Tweet the bear (with a “sweet phrase”), who will speak the words. Participants will have a chance to win a┬áSugar Bear Bot… yes, that would be a robotic version of Sugar Bear…. who will say the Tweet and sing the jingle. It’ll be like Furby…but for cereal.




Advertiser: Post Foods Canada, Sugar Crisp
Agency: Noise Digital