Pizzeria Libretto puts mouth-watering facts on Instagram.

librettogram-If you’re among the hip foodie crowd that doesn’t mind waiting in line to scarf down a quality pizza, you may also be craving more information about the ingredients and craft behind it. So while at Pizzeria Libretto posting pictures of your meal and messy-faced selfies on Instagram, check out Librettogram, by Union, where each of the restaurant’s pizzas are displayed using nine photographs and include captions loaded with tasty information.  Viewed in Instagram’s grid view on a mobile phone, the portions re-form into individual pizzas. Yum.



Campaign: Librettogram
Client: Pizzeria Libretto
Agency: Union
Executive Creative Director/Partner: Lance Martin
Copywriter/ Associate Creative Director: Mike Takasaki
Art Director/ Associate Creative Director: Glen D’Souza
Account Manager: Rhiannon Enss
Head of Integrated Production: Jen Dark
Production Artist: William Leung
Social Strategist: Alex Avendaño
Photographer: Edward Pond