Second religion

Catholic Church of Montreal lights virtual candles for the Habs.

habs1The Montreal Canadiens swept the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the NHL playoffs last night, answering the prayers of countless Habs fans.┬áNow, we know the idea of fans praying for their team’s success gets bandied about a lot, but in this case, there is virtual evidence it’s actually happening, courtesy of the Catholic Church of Montreal and DentsuBos. The church launched a website, “Fired up For the Playoffs,” ahead of the league’s second season, inviting fans to donate $1 to light virtual candles and offer up a prayer for the Habs. They say some fans’ fervent devotion to the Canadiens nears religious zeal, and the church doesn’t mind stoking those flames. The campaign will run until the Canadiens win the Cup… assuming the fans can keep the fire burning.


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