Forget the rules

Reitmans urges women to be spontaneous.

Got a case of the Wednesday blahs? Then try some of these moves by some fun-loving ladies in this spot for Reitmans by Taxi. The ad acts as a rallying cry for women to be spontaneous in their everyday lives. We assume guys are also welcome to act a little cray. Just think how much more fun it would be if that traffic cop danced along?


Brand: Reitmans
Agency: Taxi Montreal
Announcer: Jeannie Vondjidis-Miller, Marie-Josée Laferrière, Nadia Cerantola
Montréal ECD: Pascal de Decker
Writer: Thibaut Delelis
Art directors: Eric landowski, Frazer Jelleyman
Client services: Emmanuelle Ouimet, Rachel Desbiens-Deprés
Producer: Émilie Trudeau
Print production: Jacques Latreille
Production house: Cinélande
Director: Carole Denis
Sound studio: Sonart