BBQ bartering

Montana's pays for psychic readings and haircuts with meat.

Bartering certainly doesn’t get the respect of the monetary system, but every now and then we’re reminded of its effectiveness. Think back to 2006, when Montreal native Kyle MacDonald went from having a red paper clip to a house after just 14 exchanges. More recently, Montana’s Cookhouse ┬ásent a spokesman out with a platter of BBQ in an effort to exchange the meat for their goods and services, including an MMA lesson, psychic reading, new shoes and a haircut, proving that a tasty meal is a really valuable currency in the modern world.

Brand: Montana’s Cookhouse & Bar / Cara Operations Ltd.
Agency: One Twenty Three West
Creative Director: Rob Sweetman, Bryan Collins
Art Director: Rob Sweetman, Paul Riss
Copywriter: Bryan Collins
Account Services: Christina Tan, Scot Keith
Production Company: OPC Family Style
Director: Max Sherman
Director of Photography: Kiel Milligan
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Liz Dussault
Producer: Dwight Phipps
Editor: Oleg Jiliba
Sound Design: Six Degrees
Music: Six Degrees