Rock the halls

Sears Canada shows its stuff is built to last.

Every parents suspicion is confirmed in this fresh back-to-school work from Bimm for Sears Canada. When they get home they’re telling you they tripped near a puddle or someone pushed them, while in fact they couldn’t wait to find some grass to stain their new merch in. No matter, because according to the ad, this stuff is built to survive tug-of-wars and baseball slides. And at least they’re back in the classroom, right?


Brand: Sears Canada
Agency: BIMM
EVP chief creative officer: Roehl Sanchez
Associate Creative Director: Ago Guastella
Creative Group Head: Melanie Cote
Account Director: Angela Lowe
Director: David Quinn
Producer: Marc Siversky
Production House: Sons and Daughters
Editor: Christina Humphries