Music never tasted so good.

If horseradish be the food of electronica, play on. That’s the idea behind Beatbox, a project by 54 young creative minds at┬áHyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden. Basically, the idea is to convert music into meatball recipes (you know, like how IBM’s Watson did at SXSW? So the super computer didn’t use moods, but it was based on using a computer to figure out the best ingredients for a personalized meal). The students are currently looking to raise enough funds to create small “Beatballizers” so that anyone can equip their kitchen with a contraption that uses code to translate music into meatballs. Imagine the hodgepodge of flavours in a “Bohemian Rhapsody” inspired meatball? It’s a smart idea with bizarre flavours. Anyone ever tried a kitten milk or coffee bean meatball?