Spooky scrolling

Trigger shows off a parallax technique.


Calgary-based agency Trigger has created a web-based story of an adorable vampire, called “Monster Playground,” using parallax scrolling. The technique places images on different layers, moving them at different speeds as a user scrolls to create a 3D-like feeling of depth. In the story, the technique not only moves the story along, showing the vampire trying to impress a new zombie friend, but triggers 10 different halloween-themed easter eggs.¬†You can check out the story for yourself here… if you dare!

Agency: Trigger
Copywriting: Jordon Lawson
Art Direction: Brian Allen
Illustration: Brian Allen
Creative Direction: Johnny Talisman
Digital Direction: Dean Rud
Animation: Atif Nagi, Teresa Leung, Liz Gatapia
Project Management: Helen Olivie