Make it snow

Shake FCB's human snow globe and watch the magic from home.

fcb globe 2 You don’t have to be a snow globe fanatic to want to play with FCB’s. We can’t say we’ve ever shaken a human snow globe in our lifetimes, but heck, who wouldn’t want to? The agency, with its fancy tech, has put president Tyler Turnbull and CCO Jon Flannery in a glass box (aka a boardroom) and wired it up with snow machine equipment that instantly begins shooting out fake white stuff when a person syncs their phone to the room (using this website) and then shakes the device. Let’s all shake at the same time. We’ve always wanted to see how creatives react under deadline pressure in a snowstorm.


Tyler Turnbull: President of FCB Toronto
Jon Flannery: Chief Creative Officer of FCB Toronto
Curtis Edwards: VP, Creative Group Head of Digital
Alex Glinka: Director, Head of Technology
Tony DeSousa: Senior Broadcast Producer
Dov Atlin: Lead Developer
Justo Tellez: Senior Developer
Rebecca Gorveatt: Account Manager
Cody Sabatine: Art Director
Dave Hayes: Copywriter
Anastasia Tubanos: Digital Strategist
Mark Colvin: Community Manager
Gino Del Re: Director of Information Technology
Sean Thompson: Technology Support Specialist
AirMagic Special Effects: Snow Production