Icelandair shows how it’s done

This has to be the most breathtaking in-flight safety video, ever.
Iceland Air

Oh, the necessary, but deathly boring, in-flight safety video. For some, it’s white noise that interrupts their pre-take-off snooze time (although for many, it’s what helps put them to sleep). But trust Icelanders to make it an unforgettable experience, as this Stim writer learned first-hand only a couple days ago. Icelandair is probably the only airline, to our knowledge, that successfully educates passengers on safety while at the same time making them yearn to visit the Nordic country.

Instead of using drab footage inside planes, the airline features exquisite Iceland landscapes, connecting them with in-case-of-emergency instructions. For example, the colourful Northern lights are depicted in a demonstration about in-aisle lights that turn on during an emergency. Watch the video above to see how many connections you can make, but be warned, you may feel compelled to book some vacation immediately after.