Dating duds

Downtown Halifax businesses make one aspect of dating easy.

The Downtown Halifax Business Commission is hoping to get new couples into the city’s core with special date night packages and gift cards, but how do you convince Haligonians it’s worth it? Agency partner Extreme has made a compilation of some…less than ideal options from the video dating services of the ’80s and ’90s. We’re not totally sure whether these people were pulled from actual dating service videos, but the fact that they could have been makes us weep for you single readers. Please, we beg you, take the gift card. We don’t want you spending more than you have to on these duds.


Brand: Downtown Halifax Business Commission
Agency: Extreme Group
Creative Director: Brian Hickling
Associate Creative Director: Jeff Middleton
Art Director: Pierre Tabbiner
Copywriter: TJ Arch
Director: Charles Wahl