Bios Urn keeps you alive

A biodegradable urn that lets you become a tree after you die.
Bios Urn 2

If you (a) are afraid that it’s not a question of if, but when the zombie apocalypse will happen, (b) scoff at the thought of having to pay roughly the price of a wedding to be buried underground, or (c) a little eccentric and want your decomposing body to go on a bit of an adventure when it’s no longer needed, then you might want to look at Bios Urn. Essentially, it’s a company that provides anyone, anywhere in the world, a biodegradable urn that’s designed to convert you into a tree after life. It’s simple. You die (sorry to be so grim), you’re cremated and then used as compost for a seed, which will feed on you and the surrounding soil and become a big hearty tree in years to come. Interesting. So perhaps J.R. Tolkien imagined the same service being used back in the mythological ages when he created theĀ giant tree people in Lord of the Rings?