Can you hear me now?

Woax is a little like Siri, except it hugs your ear and does way more.
Woax featured

We’ve been rubbing, tapping and gazing into our crystal ball lately. It says people will regain their neck strength after years of holding their heads over small cellular devices, but in return, they may suffer from mild arm atrophy. We’re not pointing any fingers, but maybe it’s because everyone will be replacing phones with these ear devices (called Woax), which lets you use your voice to talk to and control it. Prepare for a future of people having conversations with themselves as they send messages, call people, ask about the weather and news, set reminders for themselves and even Shazam music using the little devices hugging their ear lobes. Woax is a pretty nifty piece of tech, even if it does call for a future of voices in our heads.