Twelve American cities and their creative communities

Portraits of woodworkers, chefs, engineers and other creative types.

one of manyYou don’t have to be a creative to be creative. Even engineers have an imaginative bone in their body, so Brooklyn-based photographer/writer Wesley Verhoeve of Studiomates is on a mission to track these people down and tell their stories. He’s travelling to twelve different cities to meet anyone who’s making something that moves them and then capture their stories in writing and portraits on a blog called One of Many.

But why go on this creative expedition? Verhoeve says it best: “We’re in a special moment of change, with an increasing number of people choosing the path less traveled – opting for self-employment, freelancing, working remotely or from a co-working space, or joining a smaller company. I want to capture the start of what I think is a lasting and important movement.”