Choose your own (silent) adventure

Toronto Silent Film Festival mixes the old with the new.

For the third year, the Toronto Silent Film Festival has mixed one of the oldest forms of cinema with one of the most modern platforms for video by turning to Instagram to promote itself. The festival, along with agency Red Lion Canada, have constructed a classic “choose your own adventure”-style experience constructed entirely out of scenes from films screening during the festival.┬áBy going to the TSFF Instagram account, users can watch a 15-second scene, then choose one of two options (“call the cops” or “run,” “cause a scene” or “walk away calmly”) by tapping the appropriate hashtag and be taken to a scene that reflects their choice. The idea, according to Red Lion president and CCO Matt Litzinger, is that the nature of silent film left more room for individual interpretations and made each movie a unique experience for every individual, and the interactive nature of this experience aims to reflect that (as the photo below shows, the chances of two people creating the same experience are very, very slim).



Brand: Toronto Silent Film Festival
Agency: Red Lion Canada