The Black Gold

Want to live in an oil tanker? Maybe you can, one day.
oil tanker 4

We’re all for upcycling — especially if it saves lives as a result. Did you know that, over the last decade, hundreds of workers in India and Bangladesh have been killed by falling steel and explosions during the teardown of defunct oil tankers? It’s incredibly dangerous, and Dutch designers Chris Collaris, Ruben Esser, Sander Bakker and Patrick van der Gronde want to throw the whole process out the window and re-purpose the tankers by creating “floating villages,” if you will. According to Fast Company, the designers propose transforming the megatankers into “airy public space for events, a museum, shops, and even housing, with a park-like area on the top deck” and “at over 1,300 feet long, some tankers could easily accommodate an entire neighborhood.” Hey, if we can reclaim old warehouses and churches and turn them into homes, why not rusty merchant ships?