Moving has never been easier

Introducing the Room in a Box: it takes only 30 mins to set up.
room in a box2

Moving, as you may have heard, is the most stressful thing a person can go through, next to death and divorce. And it’s a whole new level of stress when you’re a student with not much to your name. So that’s why a few resourceful Torontonians created the “Room in a Box.” It’s exactly how it sounds. The box is easily transportable (we can tell just by looking at the stress-free guy in the video as he uses the TTC — seriously, no one is ever stress-free taking the TTC) and each piece of furniture can be assembled in minutes using no glue or nails, just by connecting the cardboard (that’s right, cardboard) pieces using slots. Everything’s so light, like the desk, which weighs only 7 lbs. And the pieces look pretty sturdy too. It costs only $149, so you can’t really expect hotel furnishings to come out of the box, but they do look uber cool and very reminiscent of a particularly popular-among-students Swedish retailer.

As an aside, the makers are also making cardboard experiential products for Pan Am, and they set up an entire cardboard beach during last year’s Luminato fest. We bet these guys will be in the Dragons’ Den before the year is up.