Look away from your screen

Ontario Optometrists help give your eyes a break.

That headline might not be what you expect to hear from an online publication, but it’s what’s best for you. In order to combat the rise of “computer vision syndrome” (which is a real thing and not something parents created to scare kids), the Ontario Association of Optometrists has recommended the 20/20/20 rule. To rest your eyes, take 20 seconds to look at least 20 feet ahead you every 20 minutes. If that seems like a hard thing to remember during an eight-hour work day most of us spend staring into a screen, Edelman has helped the organization reach us with a digital video campaign.

Each video reminds you to rest your eyes before describing something for you to daydream about during that 20 seconds¬†– a beautiful landscape, the lost city of El Dorado, your contractor accidentally expanding your closet space – all while displaying nothing but a simple clock so you don’t get distracted.

All rested up? Good. Now go read our other stories.


Brand: Ontario Association of Optometrists
Agency: Edelman Public Relations
Jordan Doucette – Executive National Creative Director
Leilah Ambrose – ACD, Writer
Matt Smith – ACT, Art Director
Camielle Clark – Director, Creative Production
Lisa Bednarski – Senior Vice President, Planning
Sarah McEvoy, Vice President, Toronto Corporate
Carolyn Merchant – Senior Account Manager, Corporate
Victor Gravili – Senior Account Executive, Health
Julia Hart – Copywriter
Alexandra Krivov – Senior Account Executive, Paid Media
Saeed Zaman – Senior Account Director, Paid Media
Brian King-Scott – Senior Account Manager, Paid Media
Michelle Mullins – Senior Account Director, Digital
Apollo Studios Toronto – Audio Production
Smith – Animation
Mijo – Distribution

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