Pan Am gets sexy

Maytag gives us a different kind of sports ad.

Maytag, you have our attention.

The upcoming Pan Am Games in Toronto are set to be one of the most massive sporting events the city has ever hosted, so naturally the event sponsors have been coming out with all kinds of spots extolling the virtues of sports, the spirit of competition, the thrill of becoming a champion, and so on. But, Maytag decided to do go a different, more sexy route.

With help from Red Lion Canada, the appliance manufacturer shows what happens after the competition is over. Real Pan Am athletes are shown sweaty from giving it their all, pulling uniforms and gear off bodies in prime physical condition…and tossing them over to the Maytag Man to clean them up before the next round. The spot makes a lot of sense compared to what we usually see from these kinds of sponsorship spots because Maytag really proves its products have a place as part of the games. You ever try to get the dirt from a long jump pit out a white uniform?


Brand: Maytag Canada
Agency: Red Lion Canada