Irritating illustrated movie spoilers

A movie poster just spoiled the end of 127 Hours for us.


If you haven’t seen Donnie Darko, 300 or 127 Hours yet, look away now. This series of movie posters will spoil the end of these movies, and more. They’re famous enough films to guarantee the majority of you have seen them, or at least heard how they end from being on the web, but that’s not stopping Dawid Frątczak from making them (even though he admits how irritating they are). The poster series, which he is calling the “Spoiler Poster Collection,” is blunt, but beautiful. We’d love one of our own, if only to see the reaction on some guests faces when we spoil Star Wars for them (which serves them right for not watching one of the best films in Hollywood history).
spoilerpostercollection-8-640x804 spoilerpostercollection-9-640x804spoilerpostercollection-5-640x804 spoilerpostercollection-3-640x804 spoilerpostercollection-1-640x804Via Fubiz