New ways to deliver the news

Forget the paperboy. The National Post has a food truck.

People say print is dying, so maybe that’s why The National Post is looking at other ways to get the news to the masses.

While the newspaper’s “Get To Know Us” campaign (which aims to find new readers) will see creative in print, digital and social, the centrepiece of the tour is a repurposed food truck. Plastered with facts about the Post and its accomplishments, the food truck will be touring the GTA throughout the summer, giving out free coffee, snacks and issues of the newspaper along the way.

The Post is putting most of the emphasis during the tour on its columnists, who will be on the truck for some of the stops to meet their adoring readers. Or, you know, not so adoring. The truck’s first stop yesterday had Christie Blatchford along for the ride. But telling people on social media the exact time she is going to be in a confined space might have been a bad idea, considering that’s where a lot of people are usually very, very mad at her.


Brand: The National Post