A hard look at doggie issues

Purina pokes fun at online journalism for National Dog Day.

Did you know that today is National Dog Day? No? Well maybe that’s because the cat-dominated news media is silencing canine voices. Maybe you need an alternative voice, one that covers the topics that really matter to today’s modern pup.

In honour of the occasion, Purina Canada’s internal team at HyperLab created Kibbles & Collars, an online news magazine that finds a place among the Buzzfeeds and Gawkers of the world imitating the easy story tropes these outlets rely on. It has listicles (“What Humans Say Vs. What They Mean,” “Best Parks In The City: The ’6′ Edition”), hot takes on the issues of the day (“Why Are Cats So Mean?” “Is ‘Dog Bod’ Really In?”) and pitch-perfect, millennial-baiting headlines (“How to Catch Squirrels, For Real This Time”). Many of the stories find a way to somehow work in a mention of the health benefits of Purina Dog Chow, but what’s an online news outlet without some sponsored content?


Brand: Purina Canada (Nestle)
Agency: Purina HyperLab
Media: GroupM
PR: Environics