Blade & Skillet makes cooking simple

This ad guy left the biz to cook fancy cuisine (in under three minutes).

cooking site

You can scour food porn websites and drool over their perfectly photographed dishes all day long without ever really learning how to replicate the food fantasies in those images. It either takes too much time and ingredients to prepare such delicacies, or you couldn’t be bothered to read and follow the step-by-step instructions. Blade & Skillet wants to change that and get more people in the kitchen with its library of simple and fast cooking videos. They take about three minutes to watch, and most of the dishes take the same amount of time to prepare. There are a few freebie videos on the site to whet visitors’ appetites, but to gain an all-access view, you’ll have to pay a $1.95 monthly fee. The man behind the site (and in front of the camera) is Dorian Burns-Coyne, an ex-ad man who once worked at agencies like John St. and Leo Burnett, but left the biz to make cooking a more immersive experience, “or as we say, we’re trying to be the Starbucks not the K-Cup.”