Future Self Mirror

What your present day habits say about a future you.

future self

Those aging and fat apps have nothing on this mirror.

A fancy piece of technology has been built by four students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). It can not only show you what you would look like if you decide to do something silly, like quit the gym, but it can also tell if you’re due for a dentist appointment or if your spine is in need of some TLC (a.k.a. sitting up straight at your desk). It does this by tracking health data from devices like fitbits, smartwatches and smartphones, then visualizes that data onto the mirror, as your stare back at your “Future Self” from the other side.

“Daily choices of diet, exercise, stress, smoking, and more have an impact one can see,” writes the team on the CIID website. “This mirror augments one’s reflection with visual predictions of future health, made possible by extrapolating the health data from fitness devices and smartphones.” The mirror prototype has been exhibited at two events, and you can watch the video below to see how the first people to interact with the screen react to the tech.