Red Herring: A Professional Distraction

From burlesque to "Naked Girls Reading," this is one busy lady.

naked girls reading

Few job titles lead ones imagination to run as rampant as “Professional Distraction” but it is exactly what local Burlesque performer and entrepreneur Red Herring would want to happen. Recently returning from a European tour, Ms. Herring can be found running The Toronto School of Burlesque where she teaches classes to all skill levels. On top of her busy schedule with the school, you can also catch her performing at a variety of venues around the city, from classic burlesque to “Naked Girls Reading” a new trend that’s shaking up most major cities around the globe. For more information on Red Herring, check out The Toronto School of Burlesque or Naked Girls Reading (Warning, it’s NSFW).

This week’s Frandoms are by Anand Puran, founder, and Chris Russo, CW and editor, at On Your Mark Media.